If you read a few of the testimonials one of the first things you’ll notice is that Captain Mike Brantley (also known as the Fishing Fool!) always seems to get the fish. Even when other captains and fishing guides are coming back almost empty-handed, Captain Mike still knows how to find where the fish are biting.

Could be in Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, or the Biloxi Marsh. Could be in the nearby waterways. Could be any of several species of fish: Sheepshead, Black Drum, Flounder, Speckled Trout, Redfish, or Bass. Whatever the location and whatever the fish, Captain Mike knows how to find what you’re looking for.

So, how is it that an expert fishing guide like Captain Mike Brantley can find the fish so consistently?

It’s a matter of experience and local knowledge. Captain Mike Brantley is part of a fishing family and he’s been fishing the waterways of southern Louisiana since he was a small child.

It’s also a matter of knowing what to look for.

Here are just a few of the factors that go into planning a successful fishing trip:

  • Checking the wind forecast for the day in question.
  • Checking the tides and water levels.
  • Checking for river water.
  • Figuring out where the fish will be. For example, speckled trout can be found in different waters at different times of the year, because their behaviors follow a seasonal pattern.
  • Knowing what the fish would normally eat based on the time of year.

Those are only a few of the factors; it’s far from an exhaustive list. As you can see, it takes a real expert to consistently find the fish, but “The Fishing Fool” has led many fishing trips with great success. Come join in on this saltwater experience; contact The Fishing Fool today.  

I would like to give a huge shout out to Captain Mike at ‘A Fishin’ Fool’ for the best fishing experience I’ve ever had! I booked a trip without even knowing how to hook a shrimp. But just a couple hours into the trip, not only was I hooking shrimp, but I was reeling in speckled trout like I couldn’t believe. If they stopped biting in one spot, we were on our way to another fishing gold mine. To top it all off Mike cleans all of your day’s “work” for you, so your only job is to enjoy the ride, reel em’ in, and bring em’ home to cook up! I will definitely book again! Thank you Captain!

Tessie K.

I have known Captain Mike many years. Long before he became a charter Captain- this guy fished ever chance he could get. And he always out fished most of his fishing partners! Mike’s long time experience with this fishing area helps him to FIND the Fish! On days when other Captains come in with an empty  box- Mike’s box always had fish. I have recommended him to friends, family and colleagues- not one has ever said they didn’t have a great day, or didn’t catch something. And everyone that has chartered with Mike always plans to come back again.
Captain Mike truly is A Fishin Fool!

Lori Dimperio

We had a great trip with Captain Mike! He was very knowledgeable and persistent when it came to catching fish.

My son Loves to bass fish and had never caught Trout before. After missing a few in the beginning Captain Mike noticed that my son was setting the hook as if it were a Bass. LOL! He then explained to my son why he was missing them and made an adjustment. Needless to say we filled the Ice chest and didn’t miss another Bite! We are definitely Booking another Trip!

Jack Gillikin, Jr.


The charter was great. My husband and I had an amazing time and Mike did a great job. 1st class all the way. We all expected a 1st class trip on a great boat but certain things exceeded our expectations.

The service was outstanding! He lets you know everything you need to know. He is very friendly and on top of everything. All you have to worry about is how many fish you will catch! He brings you to the best spots and makes sure you catch fish. He even cleans the fish fast and efficiently.

He comes prepared, even for the unexpected. We witnessed a group of men in distress and without hesitation went to their rescue! Their boat was going under and ultimately capsized. He brought them all into the boat and back to shore safely. Then back to our trip!

The boat is in pristine condition and he is constantly making sure we were fishing in a clean environment. We watched him sanitize everything. There was plenty of room to fish comfortably!

This was our second trip with Mike and it was just as fun and exciting as the first! It was stress-free and an amazing bonding moment for my husband and I! We can’t wait to book him again! If you want a top-notch experience, at great prices, Mike is your go-to man! I included some pics from both our experiences.

Jess & Will.

3 family members and I recently booked a full day trip with Captain Mike, and what a trip it was! From the moment we arrived, Mike was polite, informative, and funny as could be. We were on fish before the sun even came up, and it was nonstop action from then on. Never an empty hook, never a question unanswered, and never a dull moment. Next thing you knew, we were enjoying a beer on the dock watching the other captains sulk in with minimal catches, only to view our full table.

I’ve been on other charters, but will only book with A Fishing Fool from now on. Thanks for the great trip Mike!!!

Edward Smith